With TimeLine Design, you’ll take a 3-hour journey into releasing the past negative emotions and limiting core beliefs that have been driving you your entire life. You discover a freedom of being, in a way that you’ve never experienced before. Then you are able to create a future as you’ve always imagined and dreamed. And…the most powerful part? Through NLP TimeLine, without ever telling your story you identify the process of how you keep reliving your past as if it were real now, you learn from that past, you recreate it, then you are able to release the story of what happened.  Empower yourself and take the journey!

TimeLine Design Session

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In truth, the only true physical reality is now. The past is a memory and the future is possibility and imagination. Reality, memories and imagination are the same to your unconscious mind. Whether you know it or not, how you see, feel and/or hear your past in your mind shapes and influences your present and future. Your future is unlimited when you release the past.

In a 3-hour TimeLine Design session, you release negative emotions leaving them balanced and flat, without having to tell the story or reliving the events of your past. As you discover where you created your limiting beliefs and decisions, you rewrite them in ways that truly serves you now and into the future.

Take your future beyond “hope” into one you actually create and experience fully. More than that, when you’ve created exactly what you want, you open the door for others to step into your future in the way you’ve created. Though the unexpected will happen, you go into your future with clarity and self-confidence, and you’ll be amazed at how much your future unfolds accordingly.

Your future can be anything you can imagine. What kind of future do you want?


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