Make your vision come true.

We believe that transforming someone else’s life and bringing their dreams to reality can change not only them, but also our world. We believe that bringing your coaching, mentoring, management and leadership skills together with Neuro-linguistic Programming gives you—and your clients—the winning edge.

Discover how coaching and NLP create massive transformation for your clients! Learn how to listen “underneath” your client’s desires and how to create strategies that get them to success.

You’ve got one chance to make a first impression. How will you maximize that one chance?

Discover how to connect instantly, get welcomed into a conversation, identify ideal clients, comfortably “sell the appointment”, and walk away with astonishing results.

Join us on April 2nd, at Inspire Reno for this exciting and enlightening workshop!

The whole reason you’re in sales is to increase business. In Sales Without Selling you discover how to establish instant rapport, speak the language of your customers, and really listen underneath what your customers are saying and what they’re not saying. Get crystal clear about what your customers want and why they want it.

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