May 3, 4 and 5, 2019

9:00 am – 6:00 pm (each day)

Inspire Reno

615 Riverside Drive

Reno, NV 89503

Sales Success Edge: Real Talk Sales Workshop

In this 3-day event, we will work on two specific areas
  • what’s holding you back – your fears and blocks, and
  • crafting your sales presentation through every phase of the sales cycle
AND we’ll do it all while learning the power of both verbal language and non-verbal body language!
What this means to you is that we’ll work on the fears that come up for you from the time you pick up a phone to the time you ask for the credit card. We’ll even work on your money blocks so that you determine and ask for what you know you are worth!
Not only will we craft your 30-Second Elevator Speech, we’ll practice delivery in both how you say it and what your body says while you’re saying it…how the customer hears it unconsciously!
We’ll create your Credibility Statement – the way you say who you are so that you bring authority to yourself while you overcome the objection, “What experience do you have and why would I buy from you?”
Even better than that…we will craft your presentation! How to say what you say about your product or service and how to say it in a way that overcomes your industry-standard objections. This means that when you reach the end of your presentation, you’ve already handled more than one objection … paving the way to a fast and solid close.
And…we’ll talk about closing using the soft language approach while actually doing what the professionals consider a hard close.
You’ll leave confident, empowered, strong, solid and able to close sales in a way you never have before…EXPLODING YOUR SALES!

Alexanne Stone’s mission is to guide people from all walks of life into their personal greatness!

Join body language expert, Alexanne as she combines over 30 years of sales success with more than 27 years as an NLP trainer, to focus your skills through practical, hands-on experience. Alexanne has refined the skill of the “hard close with soft language”. You’ll know what you are seeing from your prospects and customers in both verbal language and non-verbal body language and you’ll stop “stepping over” the messages they are giving – either consciously or unconsciously. Alexanne teaches professionals in all areas of leadership how to navigate through communication in a way that builds solid relationships unlocking your expertise in every area of your business.   

Alexanne knows that with the right guidance and tools, you can easily overcome your personal roadblocks, ignite your sales results – and have fun during the process.

We believe in changing the world one person at a time. We believe in empowering you so that you master your life instead of life mastering you. Believing in yourself, you can go out and create the life you’ve always wanted and change the world.

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