Sales Without Selling

The whole reason you’re in sales is to increase business. In Sales Without Selling you discover how to establish instant rapport, speak the language of your customers, and really listen underneath what your customers are saying and what they’re not saying. Get crystal clear about what your customers want and why they want it.

Online Class Schedule

November 12 – January 5, 2019 (Skips Thanksgiving and Christmas weeks)

Sales Without Selling

  1. Discover the key to finding yourself absolutely at ease – and even looking forward to your next sales conversation.
    1. Learn how to shift your energy so you are in the zone on every call or appointment.
  2. Connect with your customers immediately through “speaking their language”.
    1. Discover how learning the verbal and non-verbal cues of Pictures, Sounds and Feelings catapults your sales. 
    2. Get crystal clear about what your customer wants and WHY they want it.
    3. Read how your customer is thinking – identify their buying preferences so they get how your product fits their needs.
    4. Hit your customer’s hot buttons – match your customer’s communication so they see possibility instead of your fee.

We believe in changing the world one person at a time. We believe in empowering you so that you master your life instead of life mastering you. Believing in yourself, you can go out and create the life you’ve always wanted and change the world.

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